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  Class Schedule 2016

Essential Oils  ~ this is a prerequisite suggested for following classes!

Come explore these highly concentrated plant oils!  Discussion of how they support the mind, body and soul to help you become the best you can be. How are essential oils made and what are the differences between prices, companies, uses, as well as how to apply them will be discussed. Plus so much more, it is endless! You will also be making a customized roller ball applicator to meet your individual needs.

SaturdayApril 16th   10 am ~ Noon                                     $10  

Soap Making ~ Why make soap you ask? You may be intrigued but you think it sounds so confusing and complicated or you may not even know where to begin! This is a series of classes to help take the confusion and worry out of it all while you make your own creations. The different soap processes are featured in each class so you can decide if you want to continue learning to finally designing your own custom soap.  

Soap Making 101 ~prerequisite of essential oil highly suggested

We will be starting off with the easiest soap making process. This allows you to begin to understand the basics of soap making, and to distinguish the differences of Essential oils to Fragrance oils, Fillers, Colorants and other soap processes. Then it’s off to the kitchen we go to begin creating your 1st handcrafted soap! This will inspire you to continue exploring each type of soap featured in the up coming classes!

Sat April 30th   10am ~Noon                                                 $25  

Soap Making 102 ~ prerequisite of essential oils and soap 101 highly suggested

This is a more advanced class in Soap Making where you will experience making more custom style soap. We will be using a Castile base that we will make from scratch and then choose herbs and Essential oils to help compliment different skin types, problem skin and how to make the perfect scented blend.

Sat May 14th     10 am ~ 1:00 pm                                              $40  

Soap Making 103 ~ prerequisite of essential oils and soap 101 & 102 highly suggested

It gets even better in this Soap Making class as we give our soap even more of a punch with infused oils! This class is going to be hands on with much more student involvement. You will be designing our soap base and then each person will be customizing their own soap with additional Essential Oils, fillers and colorants if you so choose! This Soap Making Class will prepare you for the final class of the series Soap Making 104!

Sat June 25th 10am ~ 1:00 pm                                                    $40

Soap Making 104 ~ prerequisite of essential oils and soap 101, 102 & 103 highly suggested

Design your own soap! This is one on one with me to guide you thru YOUR OWN creation right from start to finish! Space is limited as it is more of a one on one time. Choose your base oils, butters, Essential Oils, Herbs, Fillers and Colorants and then using a soap-making calculator to come up with the perfect bars of soap for you and your family! The afternoon will be spent making your custom designed soap!

Sat July 9th   10 am ~ 1:00pm                                                       $50  

New Moon Herbal Walk~ no prerequisite to this class is required

Those aren’t just weeds out there!  Get in touch with nature as we start an indoor discussion with Herbalist Karen Spillane from Maine Herb Farm.  She will explain how she got involved in appreciating what gifts the plants have to offer us, different ways to use and preserve their essence for the body. Grab your journal and camera as we venture outside to discover the plants around us! Thru touching, tasting, drawing and note taking we will discover what these healing plants have to offer us as we gather them to make our own herbal oils.

June 5th 10am-1:00pm          includes herbal supplies                $40

Please bring your own journal and camera, snacks and or lunch                                                                               Beverage will be provided    

Rain date June 11th 10 am to 1:00pm  

Goat Cheese Making Workshop ~ Local goat breeder and cheese maker Kelly Scribner will share her knowledge and expertise as to why you should start making your own goat cheese!  She will explain the benefits, different breed characteristics to cheese making and process in making Chevre Goat Cheese. Under Kelly’s guidance, we will custom blend several ingredients into your own Chevre. Space is limited so reserve your spot soon!

June 12th 11 am ~ 2pm            includes supplies                         $40

Please bring your own snacks and or lunch                                                                               Beverage will be provided        

Mushroom Foraging Workshop~ Lichen, Fungi, Mushrooms! How do we ID the right ones! It seems very confusing as they can look very different in their growth stages to the ones we eat! If you are like me I don’t dare to try unless I can ask some that knows for sure! Now is your chance to join us here at Lasting Legacy Farm with Robin Cobb from Sanford ME as she makes her introduction into the world of mushrooms. There will be discussion and then into the woods for identification of these interesting fungi and other woodland plants. Robin will also explain how to make a mushroom tincture and will be offering hers for sale on this day.

Sat August 20th 10am ~ 2pm                                                          $40