Lasting Legacy Farm ~ from our Farm to your Table

The Legacy


Oil of Farm House 

Jon and I are very fortunate to have the farm and land that we have. It has been handed down through the Berry family of generations past.  In the Berry family, there has been a long list of entrepreneurs, with various businesses throughout the generations. We did own, at one time, about 400 acres. Until, like happens to farmland today, portions were sold off. At this time we have about 100 acres, which is made up mostly of wetlands and woodlands. As you travel to Lasting Legacy Farm, you might notice Berry River Road, Berry Corner, and Berry Road. These are some of the marks of history past. Agriculture played an important role at the homestead in the mid 1800's. Haying was an important task and the field hands would spend all day gathering hay. It was a welcome sound to hear the Bell in the Cupola ring,  announcing that lunch was ready and there would be some relief of the scorching sun.

Apples would be picked from the orchard and made into apple cider vinegar. The rinds and cores would be fed to the pigs, chickens, turkeys and beef cattle. The vinegar would be kept in barrels, like the one outside the cider building, that is now our shop. For many years, the animals were only raised for the family's consumption. Journals were kept of how many animals were used on a yearly basis to feed the family. Not until the early 1900's were animals raised for the community. Although it was on a smaller scale, this was the beginning of the Lasting Legacy concept. Turkeys were raised for Calef's Country Store for Thanksgiving Day feasts.

The farm became silent from the voices of the animals in the mid 1900's, as construction equipment made way for the thriving business of building.