Lasting Legacy Farm ~ from our Farm to your Table

The Animal's Stewards

Jon Berry was raised in Rochester and came to visit his grandparents here on the farm for many years. He has many fond memories as a youth of helping his grandmother while she baked in the kitchen and helping her in the gardens. If he is not at Berry Surveying and Engineering Jon is clearing for more pasture space, fixing fences, getting hay for the winter feeding, delivering animals to the butcher shop, and feeds the animals their 6:00 am feeding. He is the early bird in the family and many times he is the first to see the new arrivals from the middle of the night when all was quiet.  There is nothing like the fresh morning air and the sight of a new mom enjoying her newborn in the tranquility of another day on the farm

 Next time you see Jon on the tractor give him a big wave!

ChicksWendy Berry came from a small town in Vermont. While she was growing up she would spend many hours at the farm across the road with the neighbor kids.This is when she was acquanted with farm life and what it had to offer. Many summer days were spent in the barn helping the dairy farmer with haying, milking the cows, and bucket feeding the calfs.There were always baby kittens that were anxiously awaiting for their share of the milk. The afternoons were spent building forts throught the hay bales, eating lunch in them while the cows were out in the fields enjoying the summer shade under a tree. In the fall came great fun playing hide and seek thru the corn field. As she looks back, her life's footsteps would come in a full circle. Now  she tends  to the baby animals and new moms, assists the vet with vet care when needed, go to the farmers markets, order chicks and turkeys, and is the event cordinator for the farm, planning workshops, help tend the Strafford vacation farm (another farm that is summer pasture for their animals). She loves what Mother Nature has to offer the community in local food and tries to find new opportunities to open these doors to their neighbors. 

Please let her know how they can be of help to you.

The Boys have been a key part in all the aspects of the farm and in its growth.  Danny when he was younger would pick up the afternoon feeding after school and Joe would follow behind doing the water. George would be out helping dad with clearing for new pasture putting up new fencing or what ever else needed to be done. Noah is by his mom's sidekick helping her in the daily operation. He loves the baby animals and was right by the new mother's side as she gives birth to her newborns. Often you will see him in the shop attending to customers while Wendy is at a market or other farm event.  As time moves forward the boys are also moving forward with their lives and jobs off the farm. Danny is leaving for the Marines in March, George still lives at home and works at a local Ice Cream restuarant and works at UPS but is talking about going to automotive school. Joe graduates this year so we will see what unfolds for him.  And Noah, well he is still working beside Jon and Wendy more as he gets older.  Pretty soon the afternoon feeding baton will be his!

DakotaDakota B. (for Berry) what would we do without Dakota!  He is such a love!  We addopted Dakota from a Great Pryenees Rescue in NH. With the encroachment of civilization into wildlife we have seen and heard more preditor activity too close to home.  I did a lot of research and found that the Great Pryenees was the breed for us. Dakota's shift begins at dusk and he sounds the alarm that he is on duty so beware!  Barking is the Pryenees first defense to protect his home and livestock. You can hear him make his cirlce around the farm to be sure everyone has heard his shift has begun.  If challenged he will defend.  As farm land diminishes so does the need of the Great Pyr. People do not realize that they are a nocturnal animal and bark so many are in shelters waiting for adoption. We love Dakota and invite you to come by and meet him in person. We might have to wake him from his nap but he loves people and his farm buddies!

Deerfield Vet Clinic ~   At times we need to have a vet come to the farm to do routine vet proccedures.  Deerfield Vet Clinic understands and works with us in our philophesy in working with nature to help the animal maintain its optimal health naturally. We value their expertise and look to their opinon when we have questions. They also take care of our other members of the family (pets)  with the same values and respect that has the best interest of the animal in mind.

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