Lasting Legacy Farm ~ from our Farm to your Table


Intern's activities at Lasting Legacy Farm.
Rebecca Wood (Rebecca Receiving new baby chicks!)

Rebecca started the intern program in the spring for 2 days a week as they began her journey into farm life on a working farm.  Spring is new beginnings at a farm with a lot of initial work to prepare for the customers demand of unique products, education classes, and farm events. As she ventured forth she suddenly realized the stamana and muscles that were needed to perform needed tasks. Preparation needed to be made for the first new arrivals of baby chicks that arrived in the mail and of the garden for its new arrivals. Seedlings needed to be started and a heat box and lamp needed to be set up for the baby chicks, fences to be repaired from the damage of a long and difficult winter to name just a few tasks.

Lessons of working with the gifts mother nature has to offer to nurture the health and care of a farm became harmony as they helped with rotational grazing, composting, and practicing we need to return what we take from her.

Courtney Gammans (Ready for another Day!)

Lasting Legacy farm opened the door of new possibilities to Courtney as they learned the behind the scenes in owning and operating a farm. Lasting Legacy Farm is not only a place for animals but also for the community too. For the interns they learned how to care for life and the environment around it. New doors opened for them to see how to utilize life lessons that were taught by their families, peers, and other members of the community. Math, cost analysis, attention to details, customer relations, work relations and work ethic all played an important part of each day.