Lasting Legacy Farm ~ from our Farm to your Table

Sheep & Lambs

~Lamb From Lasting Legacy Farm~New Born Lambs with Mom

                                                  Lambs are born here on the farm January thru March, so they are not available as sides or whole until fall because they are not big enough to offer the consumer a nice size cut of lamb. The lambs are under mom's care from day one, nursing from her in the grass filled pastures, until she weans them from her to finally be dependent on what Mother Nature has provided them for their nourishment. Nothing is more delicious than pasture raised lamb.  Moist, tender, and so flavorful you can't beat it!

                                                  We try and encourage our customers to utilize the whole animal like our ancestors did back in the 1900's. Nothing went to waste. For our customers to try and do this, we offer recipes in "Farmers Table" under "Lamb" for those not so typical cuts that one gets on the farm. Another product that you can opt to have is a tanned lamb skin that is washable and makes a wonderful added cushion to a chair or under your sheets at you feet on those cold wintery nights.

                                                  The adult sheep get  a new hairdo in the spring, so they can be cooler in the heat of the summer.  We then clean their fleece and bring it to a woolen mill, here in Barrington, where the fleece is spun into yarn for us.