Lasting Legacy Farm ~ from our Farm to your Table

Selecting and ordering Meats Raised on The Farm

Buying from a local farm's meats is very different than purchasing from the grocery store. Please make sure that if you have any questions that you contact us and we will be happy to answer any that you may have.

A pre order form is now available to reserve your selections of the items below.

~Purchasing Beef from Lasting Legacy Farm~

Our beef are sold in 1/4s, sides or by the individual cuts.  A typical beef weight is approximately 600 lbs.  This is based on the hanging weight otherwise known as the carcass weight.  There is approximately a 15% loss due to bones and some fat such as suet and fat trimmings from the cuts of meat.  If ordering 1/4 of a beef, you do get and equal split of the cuts from that side ~ it is not the front half or the back half of the side.  Included in a quarter are cuts such as Tenderloin, Prime Rib, Porterhouse, T-Bone, Sirloin, Steaks, Sirloin Roast, Top Round Steaks and /or Roast, Bottom Round Roast, London Broils, Stew meat, short Ribs, Flank Steak, Shanks, Hamburg, and Soup Bones.  When you receive the cuts they are vacuum sealed, labeled and flash frozen.  In order to guarantee your order we require a down payment per quarter.  If thinking about having naturally raised beef, you will notice that the flavor is a more pronounced beef flavor compared to commercial meats.

Following is a list of typical cuts that are included in a 1/4 of beef~

Chuck Steaks  5 to 6,   Prime Rib Steaks 4 or 5, Shoulder Steaks 3 or 4, Porterhouse Steaks 4, T-Bones 6 or 7,  Top Round Steaks 3, Top Round Roast 1 – 3#,

Tenderloin Filet  2 pkgs of 2, Eye of Round Roasts  1@ 3 lbs, Sirloin Steak  2 or 3, London Broil Steaks 2, Rump Roast 1 -3#, Bottom Round Roast 1-3#,

Stew Meat   4 lbs, Short Ribs  4/Pack  3 pks, Flank Steak   1/2. Other cuts are available if requested but hamburger is reduced.

!/8's of beef are available upon request which would be 1/2 of the above mentioned items with a choice of 2 roasts.

With the above cuts there are other options for a different variety that may better fit your needs. Please feel free to inquire about the other options available.


We raise all our piglets here on the farm. Once they are weaned from mom we attend to them for approximately 6 months to where they grow to an average size of 200 lbs hanging weight. The pork is a high demand item and goes quickly. In order to be guaranteed a side or a whole pork a deposit is required. One side would feed a family of four for approximately six months.

A side of pork produces  Spare Ribs, Pork Tenderloin, Center Cut Pork Chops, Butt Chops and/or Roast, Chine End Pork Roast, Pork Roast, Bacon, Sausage, 2 Shoulder Ham or Steaks, Hams and/or Ham Steaks (great on the grill), ham hocks, bacon ends, lard, and salt pork. These cuts are also USDA Approved, Packaged, Labeled, and Frozen. Individual cuts may be purchased depending on availability.

The curing and smoking process is nitrite and nitrate free.