Lasting Legacy Farm ~ from our Farm to your Table


Many people do not realize that it takes about 2 years to produce a beef that is of good enough size to feed a family.  For this reason we have to pre empt the demand and plan for the future when we get our livestock from other farms. So, we do have both this years harvest and 1/2 of next year's on the pastures, now. We do not have enough space to support the breeding moms and a bull, plus all of the beef that is demanded by our community. For this reason, we work with other farmers that would rather do this end of farming. Before we purchase any calf, we go see it and the farm that it comes from. This way I know the history of the farm and its farming practices, so we can be sure that the animal has had a great start to life. We do not purchase anything from livestock auction houses because of these unknown factors. The calves are typically 4 months to 8 months of age when we get them home. The calves would have been raised on mom's milk and then weaned from mom gradually.  

At Lasting Legacy Farm the newbies are placed in a pasture that is separate from the rest of the herd. This is so that we can keep an eye on them and let them gradually get used to the sights, noises, and smells of their new home. After a few days the grain that we use is slowly introduced to them and they have all the grass and/or hay available to them while sniffing and getting acquainted to the rest of the herd. After about a week they are turned out with their new friends and are shown the ropes of the pastures.

Our Beef is mostly grass/hay fed (in the winter) with a little grain to give the extra vitamins and minerals they need. We do not "push" any of them by loading them up with extra grain to get them to gain weight faster. They are just like kids some grow differently than others. Mother Nature is funny that way!

 Our cows have the life of reilly; open air, pastures to rome, and hillsides to take a sunbath on! Each cow is given a name when it arrives at Lasting Legacy Farm. We do not birth any babies here unless we buy a cow that has been bred.  Typically it takes 2 acres of pasture per cow so that they have enough grasses to graze. Of course there are a lot of varibles that come into play with that number. As you know the weather has a lot to do with the growth of grass. Whether it is a dry or a wet season, hot or cold and the fertility of the soil. Also the age of the cow is a factor~ if they are young and small then they eat less compared to a larger one. But this is a typical rule of thumb.

For this reason many customers will opt to pre order their beef to be guaranteed to get local beef raised from Lasting Legacy Farm. A 1/4 of beef is about 125#s of everything from tenderloin to hamburger and will feed a family of 4 for about 6 months. Please go to the Farm Shop for further details on how to order beef.