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Posted 6/7/2014 6:53pm by Wendy Berry.

For those of you that would like Lasting Legacy Farm Chickens we will be processing this week and will be ready for pick up June 14 & June 15th from 10 am to 1:00pm each day

They have been weighing about 5-5.5# each and are $4.50/#

Please let us know how many you would like and they will be fresh and what day you would like to pick up your fresh chickens!


Reserve your chickens by email to!

Posted 12/3/2013 8:29pm by Wendy Berry.

Hi Everyone!

This is a ma-DAY of an email to all of our customers!!!

A good friend of mine came to visit and took a picture of Blitz our Rat Terrier herding our sheep and has entered it in a photo contest for NH Made Agriculture photo contest. WE ARE ALMOST WINNING! We are off by 1 vote to be tied 2 we will be in the lead!

If we win we get a Gift Certificate of $200 to a fancy resturant in Manchester NH!!! I would even bring a doggie bag for Blitz a Doodle Do!!!

You have to enter thru your facebook account ! Voting ends in a few days ! December 13 to be exact!!!

So please help us out and vote for Blitz and support our farm by going to this link ~ Like and Share~~~


Thanks for your help!!!

Posted 4/19/2013 9:31am by Wendy Berry.
Help me Clean out the Freezer Sale!!!

its that time of year again plus we are getting ready to move the shop to the Amish Barn!

As I was digging in the freezers this is what I found!~

Pork Kabob meat

Sausage ~ Maple for sure and other flavors not sure right now!

Butt Chops

Lamb chops

Ground Lamb

Lamb Stew

Ham Steaks

Pork Roast

And  other Treasures may be found!

$5 per pound!!!! 
Many go for $7-$16 per pound           


APRIL20-21   from 10am - 2pm! Both Days!!!                        

Posted 3/25/2013 12:37pm by Wendy Berry.

A lot of exciting things has happened since my last email that I sent everyone!

As many of you know my mom has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer that has also traveled to her brain resulting in several brain tumors. She has undergone radiation to shrink the brain tumors but because of the brain barrier that our body has it does nothing to the lung cancer so chemo was the next option. She has completed 2 of the 4 treatments. Now mind you while all of this is going on I had such a deep yerning to quit my job and farm full time but to give up a steady paycheck is shall we say a tough decison to make! I delemented about this for 2 weeks as to what I should do. My hubby being my hubby who is very supportive said to go for it , but still how silly would that be!?

so I turned the decision over to God to give me a sign as to what to do~ ask and ye shall receive~!

I went into work that following Monday and the owner said that she was cutting everyones hours~~ WELL THAT WAS MY ANSWER!  And filled in the owner as to my thoughts and gave her end of March would be the last month. Later that day my sister had called and told me that mom had a seizure so off to VT I went to be there for the both of them.

To make a long story short the doctors wanted her to have 24/7 care and low and behold I was the best one to beable to accomplish this for  mom!

In his perfect timing~ everything works out to the best!  So mom is enjoying all of the goings on at the farm     she loved the baby chicks that came in the mail!  We wont tell her those are the ones for May Chickens!

Never a dull moment here at the farm she is finding out!  We have started our seedlings and the peppers both sweet and hots have popped up and we planted broccoli and various flowers. All of these will be available for  a seedling sale in May just like we did last year. Further info will come out as to what will be for sale and pricing.
 Hard to see but many have thier first sets of leaves coming in


!! It has been very warm in their nursery box, a whooping 76 degrees! i wanted to pull them out for just a bit and lie in there my self and get some rays!

We can tell that spring is here as we have 3 baby lambs that are enjoying life and once the snow goes and the storms stop we will let them go out but for now on these blustery days the babies are finding ways to keep their little piggies warm!  So as you can see they are making the best of it ! All of this snow and all!

Our Midget White Turkeys are laying eggs so we are collecting them to get ready to hatch. They have to be kept at 54-56 degrees to keep the embroy in a state of suspension but only for about 2 weeks at the max otherwise the hatch rate will not be high at all. Next week we should be starting our incubation of the turkeys , ducks, and geese.  Cross your fingers and hope for the best!!

I would like everyones input of things you would like to see us offer or if you have a talent or passion to come share it here at the farm because I would really like to focus on Women supporting Women. There have been many customers that have said I would like to follow you around for a day just to experience and learn about what you do.  So educational classes that pretain to the season of a farm is the focus of these classes.

They would include but not exclude~

Soap making, Sugar scrubs, knitting get togethers, chicken processing, breaking down a chicken, jelly making workshop, freezing and canning classes, how to use Ofals and make something Awesome! etc etc etc.

I am going to be utilizing my calendar on the website so please refer to that for upcoming activities even if it as simple to help with the garden and take home some produce or help paint the barns. Ill be on the upper level and mom will be down on ground level! She doesnt know what fun I have instore for her!!!!


Another Idea we had was to do a weekly delivery service of produce eggs and meats. We would send out an order form of items available for that week and it would have it returned by a certain day. You would need a cooler set out with a check in the cooler for the amount of your order. A small deliver charge would be included in the final amount.

 LIVE/OR WOULD LIKE IT DROPPED OFF~  this way we can see if this fesible.

We are doing all of the markets at the Wentworth Greenhouse in Rollinsford starting June 22 from 9 am to 1 pm

We are putzin around with an idea so if anyone would like to be a taste tester please let me know!! it is a secret right now.


I look forward to hearing about your thoughts and ideas. Also I look forward to being able to focus on making a better farm for you and your family.......


Posted 2/12/2013 6:20pm by Wendy Berry.
Hi everyone

It is that time of the year again to pre order your meats for the 2013 season!  There are a couple of changes to the order form for 2013 meats. This year we are offering chickens cut into 8 pieces  ~ 2 legs, 2 wings, 2 thighs and 2 boneless breasts. You will also get the carcass so you can make soup stock. Please use this attachment to locate the 2013 Meat pre order form Print it off and make your selections. We have also increased our chickens to being offered in May thru October. Our First batch will be ready for pick up the week of May 18th.

I opted to not offer the meat packages as it was very difficult to orchestrate both pork and beef harvest times. If you do want packages it will be based on each individule scheduling and not combined with pork and beef. We probably can do beef packages and pork packages, but not beef with pork as a package.

The midgit white turkeys are starting to feel the love in the air and hopefully we will have eggs coming soon.

So far 2 lambs were born just before the storm and in time that we could get them into the barn before it hit! WHEW!!! One more mom to go!

Ordering and planning the gardens for the year! It's all about color this year along with great flavor! Here is a picture of the carrots that we grew last year to try them out~ DELICIOUS!!!Cosmic carrots of 2012  We are also going to be growing again the marbled potatoes that were spectacular to look at but also tasted great! They had an extremely white center! Marbled potatoes  there have been a few changes here on the farm so watch for more emails to find out what is happening!!!!

Can't wait to see you folks again! Lots is in store of exciting things here at Lasting Legacy Farm!

As always call or email with any questions!

Posted 1/15/2013 7:05am by Wendy Berry.
 Well Blitz our Rat Terrier had 7 puppies which was a lot for a little girl! all did great and 5 found new homes! 2 girls are left to find their forever homes.

They love to snuggle and are very good at staying around where their master is, As their name implies they do like to sniff and play ourside looking for vermin to concor!

  Dutchess is a ticket and a half! she is definatley full of herself always ready for fun!  Think she is going to be a hefty girl and able to hold her own!

Venus is as her name implies full of love and snuggles but when it is time to play and have fun she is ready and able to fill the task!

  The girls will be here Friday when everyone picks up their burger for all to see! Help me spread the word to all of your friends and neighbors about these adorable puppies!

Call or email me with any questions!  781-8715 or
Posted 12/1/2012 4:04pm by Wendy Berry.
Christmas Hams are Available!!!!

We just did 3 piggies and had the hams cured and smoked. They are about 6-8# Each and are $5.00 per pound.

please email me  to let me know you would like one. They are available for pick by appointment.  

Posted 12/1/2012 3:55pm by Wendy Berry.
Hey Everyone!

Sounds like everyone is in the need of burger and just in time too!

We are culling one of beef Cows that we are not breeding any more and can only use her as burger!

We are doing our special " Move it in and out!"



Going in On January 5th and should be ready for January 12th as burger!

our typical 1.5# Tubes for sale at the price of $5.50# instead of $6.5#. Will be very lean and flavorful. THINK AHEAD as this will probably be the last one we do as burger for some time!!!!!!  The only other way would be if we help another farmer move his culled cow or bull but we dont know of any yet!

Order as many tubes as you want ~ first come ~ first served!!!!!! when it is gone it is gone!

Email me with your order and I'll confirm date and time for you after the holidays.

PLEASE  DONT COUNT ON MY MEMORY!!!!  If you have told me that you wanted burger PLEASE EMAIL me so I and you have it in writting!

thank you for your support!!!

We appreciate our customers very much!
Posted 11/7/2012 7:49pm by Wendy Berry.

Hi everyone! 


here is the update on the midget white turkeys! 

joe marquette came by to help me select our breeding stock last saturday. as you may remember i had received eggs from a farm in vt and joe hatched them out for me. all of them did great. we did however end up with more toms than hens. a wonderful friend gqve me her tom that she received  from a heritage turkey preservation farm. He is 2 years old and we named him Mr. Twinkles. we also tried to get some from a hatchery that did not work out as well as we hoped. lots of problems from that hatchery- missing my order- several birds arrived dead- could not replace until late july which was way to late to have some ready for thanksgiving (as it takes at least 6 months). soo we seperated all the birds from the different stock so we could pair up males and females from different genetics.

Mr. Twinkles has a great front confirmation but needs work on his drumstick thickness and thighs but he has great muscle coverage on the breast  area. Some of the birds from both the hatchery and the vt farm were too tall, too short of a keel bone, too sharp of  slope from the neck to legs. we did not end up with many females so we are having to keep all 5 girls so we can have babies to select and improve on the breed. thru neglect and not paying attention to the breed standards all heritage breeds have suffered and are not of good quality.



FOR THE CUSTOMERS THAT RESERVED A MIDGET WHITE TURKEY AND THIS WILL NOT WORK I WILL REFUND YOUR DEPOSIT OR WE CAN APPLY IT TO A WHITE BROAD BREASTED TURKEY. THEY SHOULD BE ABOUT 16-18# and others more.  I  want everyone to get their holiday turkey and have high hopes for this turkey and continue to but we have a ways to go!  it should take about 2 years for it to be back to bread standards with close attention. next years will be even better and have about 30 to sell.


Posted 6/6/2012 8:33pm by Wendy Berry.
This is for everyone that ordered Hamburger that was due for pick up this Saturday June 9th !!!

The burger will  NOT be ready for Saturday June 9th!!!!!

The butcher is trying to work it in to his schedule for me between haying (hoping for good weather) because the hay is ready and his butcher schedule. 

He is going to call me early next week to let me know when it will fit in.

Right now it is dry aging and chilling :)!!

Thank you for your patience!

Call with any questions!!!